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July 30, 2015

MAMEUIFX 0.164 FIX released.

  • Quick bugfix release

    * Changelog from 0.164:

    - Fixed wrong Parent/Clone relationship detection in the Interface (As reported by israelg at MAMEWorld)
    - Fixed High CPU usage at Startup and when doing an "Audit All ROMs" scan (As reported by haynor666)
July 29, 2015

MAMEUIFX 0.164 released.

  • Updated to MAME 0.164

    * Changelog from 0.163:

    - Added support in Iterface for ProgettoSnaps Movies (Details)
    - Added to Interface new option "Show confirmation dialog on exit" (Details)
    - Added game Resolution and Refresh Rate info to the Interface Statusbar (Details)
    - Added Savestate and Dumping Status folder to the Interface (Details)
    - Added new OpenGL Shaders properties page to the Interface (Details)
    - Changed Background Color of all dialogs in the Interface. XP Silver style color is used (Details)
    - Fixed Background Color painting in the Interface game Picture Area (Details)
    - Fixed display of Japanese Text in the Interface game Info Area (Details)
    - Fixed with an hack MAMETESTERS bug ID 04701 (blandia: Graphic garbage)
    - Removed terrible DIRECTORIES.INI hack from Interface source code (Details)

Since June 15, 2015