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February 26, 2015

MAMEUIFX 0.159 released.

  • Updated to MAME 0.159

    * Changelog from 0.158:

    - Added support for WARRIORS OF FATE - TENCHI WO KURAU 2 (Three extra players)
    - Enabled by default new video mode renderer OpenGL and made it available in Video Mode options
    - Implemented widestretch (Full Widescreen Stretch) feature for all video modes supported which are:
    • GDI
    • DirectDraw
    • Direct3D
    • BGFX (not working at the moment)
    • OpenGL
    (This new feature makes completely discouraged the use of DirectDraw Hardware Stretch option)
    - Fixed some cosmetic issues in the Interface
    - M1FX 7.0: fixed and improved the equalizer, now in sync with the volume slider